NATCO Water Heaters

National Combustion Company, Incorporated, (NATCO) Water Heaters

NATCO Logo"NATCO" as it is more commonly known, was established in 1948 by engineers, designers, and marketers of boilers and hot water heaters for commercial and industrial heating applications. From this experience and knowledge, emerged a line of ever improving products, designed and ruggedly built for the demanding and energy-efficient performance requirements of today's applications.

NATCO's original product line "The NATCO Tankless Water Heater," is still in production and sold throughout the world with years of continuous improvement. You can't make it any better.

The NATCO Super E

NATCO Super EThis hot water heater is the best investment you can make! Pays for itself in less than 2 years in most cases!

  • High 95% efficiency
  • Sealed combustion.
  • Zero clearance even to combustible materials (can be put in closet)
  • Low NOx (less than 20 parts per million)
  • Can be stacked for higher out puts
  • Sizes range from 45 gallons to 80 gallons
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Cupro-Nickle burner heat exchanger

The Fire Coil

With integral finned tube, Cupro Nickel or Copper hear exchanger, and Stainless Steel burner, the Fire Coil is the heart of NATCO's laundry, car wash and restaurant industry. It has proved to be reliable, efficient, and most of all, a great value! NATCO offers a denser and more durable Cupro Nickel heat exchanger, as a solution to hard water conditions.

  • NATCO Fire Coil82% Efficiency
  • A wide range of sizes from 175,000 BTU to 5,000,000 BTU available
  • Cupro Nickel or Copper Heat Exchanger, with preferred external casketing
  • SPARK ignition on all sizes
  • Two Stage firing on 500,000 BTU or larger
  • Draft Diverter Included on all sizes above 500,000 BTU
  • Stainless Steel Pump or a Bronze mounted circulating pump
  • Available energy saving pump control
  • Natural Gas or LP Gas fired
  • Outdoor Fire Coil Heater available
  • Available power venting for sizes up to 1,825,000 BTU
  • 10 year warranty on Cupro Nickel or 5 Year Warranty on Copper Heat Exchangers
  • Certified by American Gas Association (AGA) and Canadian Gas Association (CGA)
  • Years of trouble free performance and readily available parts

NATCO Gas or Oil Tankless Water Heater

NATCO C SeriesAn efficient and long lasting Scotch marine design utilizing gas, oil or a combination of both, our NATCO boiler stands unique in design and rugged in construction. The NATCO has high intermittent capability that reaches 2.5 times its rated output. Furthermore, it can produce steam up to its full horse power rating. Most of all, NATCO has been designed to last. Many NATCOs that were manufactured in the fifties are still in service. Who else can make that claim?

  • Up to 86% efficiency
  • A wide range of sizes from 400,000 BTU to 6,000,000 BTU
  • A unique horizontal design that makes NATCO Tankless a space saver that will fit through doorways
  • Able to produce steam and/or hot water at its full horse power rating
  • Ability to allow five minute intermittent draw of 2.5 times the normal rated output may reduce boiler sizing
  • Use with oil, natural gas, LP gas or a gas/oil combination
  • Capable of producing over 200 degree Fahrenheit water temperature
  • Constructed according to ASME requirements with seal and serial number